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THE BEST PODCASTING SECRET WEAPON - Triton Audio FetHead - Review & Demo

  April 30, 2014  ~    16.02 MB
THE BEST PODCASTING SECRET WEAPON - Triton Audio FetHead - Review & Demo




Triton Audio FetHead Review:

Would you like your podcasts and Youtube videos to really stand out from the crowd? Do you want your podcasts to have more professional sounding audio?

Are you frustrated with having to crank up your audio interface preamps to get a good signal with your SM57 or SM58? Say goodbye to hiss with the FetHead.

The Triton Audio FetHead is the podcaster's secret weapon!

In this video, I share with you my in-depth review and sound demo of the Triton Audio FetHead, a fantastic inline mic preamp.*

Have a home studio?
Do voice-over work?
Create YouTube videos with commentary?

Well, this little piece of gear is essential for you...

So how's the Triton Audio FetHead work?

The FetHead adds +27dB** of clean gain to your signal chain and lets you get the most out of your mic locker while also allowing you to keep your audio interface preamps in their sweet spot.

How does the FetHead compare to the Cloudlifter? Who should buy a FetHead?

Short answer: the Triton Audio FetHead is an unbeatable value and anyone who is serious about their audio quality should pick one up.

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Ronan's video comparison between FetHead vs. Cloudlifter:

*Note: This video was recorded using the FetHead for the entire narration.

**When I reviewed the FetHead, the website advertised 20dB of gain, but since making this video the Triton website has changed the specs to 27dB of gain.

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