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Soundcloud is dying - Spotify and Apple Music will win at music streaming

  July 31, 2018  ~    15.22 MB
Soundcloud is dying - Spotify and Apple Music will win at music streaming




I make some bold predictions: That Soundcloud is as good as dead, that Spotify has a huge problem that will cripple them, and that Apple Music will ultimately be the winner in streaming music.

As a user, I don't have a dog in this fight. But if you are a musician or a producer who wants to market your music, you need to know what the future holds for music distribution, promotion and marketing.

- Why Soundcloud's business model will never work imo (musicians are CHEAP!) and it will ultimately lead to Soundcloud dying

- Why Soundcloud will be the next Napster: innovative and pioneering, but ultimately dead because they never built a real business

- Why Spotify will always struggle to be profitable, even though they are generating a lot of money for streaming (they're burning a ridiculous amount of cash)

- Why Apple music will be the dominant player, like iTunes was for selling music ala carte, and why it doesn't matter if they are profitable

NOTE: I had a hard time finding conclusive data on whether Apple Music was outpacing Spotify in terms of growth. I used what I thought was the best data I could find, but LMK if you have better data.
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